The Top Best Health Drinks In The United States

The Top Best Health Drinks In The United States

In this world weather changes so frequently that causes our immune systems to weaken, making us more susceptible to viruses and illnesses.

The good news? You can boost your immune system in no time with these top best health drinks.

Here are the lists of top best health drinks in the United States which make us cheerful and healthy.

While it tastes like a tropical vacation, coconut water is one of nature’s best sources of electrolytes.

The naturally occurring sodium, potassium and magnesium boost hydration and keep cells from over-swelling during exercise.

Not to mention, they help regulate blood pressure which can mean less bloating post-workout.

And since coconut water is low in calories and sugar free, it can also help satisfy your thirst if you are trying to lose weight.

Just make sure you choose unsweetened varieties, which are lower in sugar than their sweet counterparts.

Also be aware that some brands add extra sugars to their products so check nutrition labels carefully before buying.

The Top Best Health Drinks In The United States

Sometimes, plain water is exactly what you need. If you have a bottle of sparkling water handy, expert suggests adding fresh lemon or lime juice. It is so refreshing and does not have that artificial sugary taste.

And if you have been craving an orange drink, but don’t want to sip on a store-bought soda, try mixing your favorite fruits with sparkling water instead.

You can really use any fruit as long as it is not too thinned out, expert says.

For example, apples are great because they are flavorful without being too watery.

Just be sure to cut up your fruits before you add them to give them a nice flavor boost.

In addition to these great tips, here are some other ways to keep your weight under control.

Eat breakfast every day, exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

Track your food intake using any fitness app. Make sure your diet has plenty of protein (for its satiating effects).

Stick with whole foods (no processed foods), limit alcohol consumption; and avoid eating after 8 p.m, when dinner time rolls around.

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Originally published at on July 7, 2022.



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