What does metaverse mean? Its impact on mental health.


Now a days everyone is talking about the word “metaverse”.

The metaverse seems to be the most influential and expansive technology so far created. It will bring in limitless possibilities in various fields like health, government sector, retail and education.

The metaverse will also change our social environment. How people interact with each other and with friends ? also the family members, they have not seen for a long time.

These all are also determined by metaverse. Most important aspect of our life that is mental health, could also change by this technology.

In this blog post, I will try to discover some of the ways, through which metaverse will change our mental health for better or worse.

What does metaverse mean?

What does Metaverse mean exactly ?

Metaverse is an idea, that has been used by science fiction writers, some futurists and transhumanists.

They describe metaverse as a hypothetical future internet-like space.

The Metaverse, also known as the Oasis or 3rd reality popularly known as the Matrix is an online virtual universe.

It is inhabited by humans and AI (Artificial Intelligence) entities created and experienced virtually by virtual realty headsets and body tracking sensors. In this environment users can interact with others, create and trade items, services and even complete social activities.

Metaverse is currently being developed by the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF), which was founded in 2017. The whole system infrastructure is maintained by high performance cloud computing providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft azure.

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I am a Neuro-Psychitrist and blogger used to write health and fitness related articles regularly.

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Dr. Niraj Singh Yadav

Dr. Niraj Singh Yadav

I am a Neuro-Psychitrist and blogger used to write health and fitness related articles regularly.

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